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I’rom Limited

I’rom Limited

I’rom Limited is a subsidiary company from a listed
Japanese Group company, I’rom Group,
in The Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock (2372).

Our main supplier, ICELLEAP CO., Ltd.,
a Japanese company specialized in OEM manufacturing for skin care products.
Many well-known brands and companies have worked with them in the past.
They have their own factory set in Hokkaido,
water used for manufacturing was taken directly from local.
This is why their products manufactured
has been trustworthy on high quality and original.

A new brand, ICHIKA, was released in 2021,
being the first skincare brand to include iPS supernatant in skin care products.
This success attempt has brought new concept and innovation to the cosmetic
and skincare field.

We now present and deliver these high-quality products and services
To the people in Hong Kong and worldwide.

For a Future Full of Joy


A New Choice For Bright Skin.

“ICHIKA®” brand concept comes from creates new things from scratch that are neither cosmetics nor medicines nor aesthetic medicine.

ICHIKA® is the world’s first luxury cosmetics brand from Japan that brings the culture supernatant of human iPS cells produced by cutting-edge biotechnology in regenerative medicine to the cosmetic industry.

The culture supernatant of human iPS cells is rich in nutrients, cytokines, growth factors and exosomes that are essential for skin metabolism, gives moisture, firmness and elasticity to skin as if time had reversed.

※1 Human Fibroblast/Mononuclear Cell Induced Pluripotent Cell Culture Conditioned Media (humectant)


Three-dimensional manufacturing

Three-dimensional manufacturing (※2), the highest quality iPS cell culture supernatant is condensed at high concentration.

ICHIKA® is a luxurious skin care product that is unique in that it contains up to 20% iPS cell culture supernatant as a skin beautifying ingredient.

Not only approaches spots, wrinkles and sagging, but also prevents rough skin for sensitive and dry skin and moisturizes the skin.

Made-to-order manufacturing that transcends the compounding ratio has become possible due to technological innovation.

※2 A manufacturing method that produces a highly safe and uniform quality supernatant for a highly airtight culture method that does not allow bacteria to enter.

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