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What are iPS cells?

I'rom Group's iPS cell production technology

What is iPS cell culture supernatant?

1.What are iPS cells? I’rom Group’s iPS cell production technology

iPS cells are a type of artificially created stem cell.
It is made from “somatic cells” such as skin, liver, and blood, and the ones used in cosmetics are of human origin.
Unlike general stem cells, iPS cells have the ability to change (differentiate) into various tissues and to proliferate indefinitely.
Except ES cells derived from fertilized eggs, there are no other stem cells that can do the same job.
(ES cells derived from fertilized egg is under controversal discussions on humanity)

2.I’rom Group’s iPS cell production technology

ID Pharma Co., Ltd., a well-known company in the field of regenerative medicine, has greatly contribution to the development of this field.
They manufactures raw material, provides one of the global standard kits for producing iPS cells to the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other Western countries, China and other countries around the world.
Besides, we are co-developing various therapeutic drugs and vaccines with public research institutes and universities by utilizing the technological capabilities of advanced medical care.
Currently, the development of a new coronavirus vaccine underway is one of the projects, it has been taken up by many media such as NHK News Watch 9 and TV Asahi Hodo Station. The trend is drawing attention from all over the world.

3.What is iPS cell culture supernatant?

iPS cells are special stem cells that are able to differentiate into cells of different tissues and proliferate indefinitely.
It has a completely different growth capacity from stem cells based on general stem cell cosmetics, and it is not comparable.
What is obtained when iPS cells are cultured is called iPS cell culture supernatant.

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