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Originality Material


Ips Cells Culture Supernatant

Although iPS cells are mainly researched and used in regenerative medicine industry, we tried to expend this to other fields.

With our expert team, we have developed using culture supernatant obtained when culturing iPS cells as a raw material for cosmetics manufacturing.

It is also the world’s first original raw material that has acquired the international standard INCI code, which is the ingredient name of cosmetics, as well as the Japanese sales name.

Expected Effect

・ Gives skin firmness and luster
・ Gives skin a sense of transparency
・ Moisturizes the skin
・ Prevents rough skin
・ Giving hair a firmness, etc.

Original Raw Material Name
INCI name:
Human Hepatocyte Induced Pluripotent
Cell Culture Conditioned Media
Display name:
Human hepatocyte induced pluripotent
cell acclimatization culture solution
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